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EMBO Member

Simona Radutoiu

University, Aarhus | Denmark

EMBO 2022 | GinC 23–26

Signalling in plant-microbe interactions

My group studies interactions between plants and soil microbes. We focus on signal exchange and recognition in binary and complex associations. Understanding how plants discriminate friends from foes to enable root symbioses or to activate immunity is essential for developing mechanism-based approaches for sustainable crop production. We use plant and bacterial genetics to uncover mechanisms contributing to a beneficial plant root microbiota.

Keywords: Plant-microbe interactions / nitrogen-fixing rhizobia / legumes / symbiotic signaling / immune signaling / root microbiota / receptor kinases / signal transduction / genetic engineering

Subject area(s): Cellular Metabolism | Microbiology, Virology & Pathogens | Plant Biology | Signal Transduction | Evolution & Ecology