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Stéphane Noselli

Institut de Biologie Valrose, Nice | France

EMBO 2014

L/R asymmetry and morphogenesis in Drosophila

Our lab uses Drosophila as a model to study body patterning (left/right asymmetry) and organ morphogenesis during development (dorsal closure, oogenesis). In particular, we try to understand how the conserved Myosin ID and actin control L/R asymmetry in flies and zebrafish. We also study how specific organs acquire their shape and function through JNK signaling, cell reprogramming and the specific assembly and organization of the extracellular matrix.

Keywords: Drosophila / left-right asymmetry / morphogenesis / myosin / dorsal closure / oogenesis / patterning / JNK / extracellular matrix

Subject area(s): Cell & Tissue Architecture | Development | Signal Transduction