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EMBO Member

Veronica van Heyningen

University College London | United Kingdom

EMBO 2002 | MemC 05–08 | Council 10–10 | Council 11–13 | Council 14–14

Eye development genes, networks and modifiers

Study of human eye malformations to identify genes implicated in eye development. Defining the role of these genes, mostly eye/brain transcription factors (eg PAX6, SOX2, OTX2) and major signalling molecules (eg SHH), in mice and zebrafish. Exploration of cis-regulatory control mechanisms to identify upstream regulators and downstream targets and generate gene regulatory networks. Study of mechanisms of phenotype modulation.

Keywords: Human disease genetics / eye anomalies / cis-regulation of gene expression / gene-environment interaction / genome evolution

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Development | Molecular Medicine