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EMBO Member

Vincent Colot

Institut de Biologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS), Paris | France

EMBO 2010

Arabidopsis epigenetics and epigenomics

Our group works on the model plant Arabidopsis and combines genetic and genomic approaches (i) to characterize chromatin dynamics during development and in response to the environment, (ii) to determine the impact on complex traits of heritable variation in DNA methylation, (iii) to elucidate the function of the RNAi machinery in establishing and perpetuating DNA methylation across generations and (IV) to assess the role of DNA methylation in genome stability.

Keywords: Epigenetics / DNA methylation / epigenomics / Arabidopsis / natural variation

Subject area(s): Chromatin & Transcription | Genome Stability & Dynamics | Plant Biology