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Vincenzo Costanzo

Istituto Firc di Oncologia Molecolare, Milano | Italy

EMBO 2024

DNA replication and repair in vertebrates

My group examines the molecular roles of vertebrate DNA metabolism genes in various aspects of cell cycle, DNA replication and DNA repair in unchallenged and stressful conditions. We discovered that RAD51 prevents ssDNA gap accumulation and Mre11 nuclease-mediated nascent DNA degradation, introducing the recombination protein-mediated fork protection concept. We showed the role of BRCA1/2 in preventing gap accumulation and extensive DNA degradation from SMARCAL1-induced fork reversal. We identified Pol Theta's role in gap filling and preventing replication fork rupture. We also showed that replication stress influences cell fate.

Keywords: DNA repair / DNA replication / DNA damage response / DNA gaps / DNA recombination / Xenopus laevis

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Genome Stability & Dynamics | Molecular Medicine