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EMBO Member

William C. Earnshaw

Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, Edinburgh | United Kingdom

EMBO 1999 | CouC 08–09 | CouC 10–13 | TemC 10–10

Mitotic Chromosome Structure and Segregation

We study mitotic chromosome structure and segregation using proteomic, genetic and cell biology approaches. Our recent studies employing human synthetic artificial chromosomes highlight the importance of transcription and histone modifications for kinetochore assembly. We also study the 'chromosomal passenger complex' (INCENP, Aurora B kinase, Survivin and Borealin) a major regulator of mitosis and cytokinesis.

Keywords: Mitosis / condensin / chromosome structure / centromeres & kinetochores / gene knockouts in DT40 cells

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Chromatin & Transcription | Genome Stability & Dynamics