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William F. Martin

Universität, Düsseldorf | Germany

EMBO 2012

Early microbial evolution

My lab studies early evolution. Biochemical work focusses on energy metabolism in eukaryotic anaerobes and the role of (hydrogen-producing) mitochondria therein; all-genome phylogeny work on non-treelike (network-like) evolutionary processes such as gene transfers (GT) from organelles to nucleus and lateral GT among prokaryotes to recover vertical and horizontal components of genome evolution. Comparative genomics help to reconstruct the ancestral state of eukaryotic and prokaryotic physiology.

Keywords: Early evolution / endosymbiosis / eukaryote anaerobes / evolutionary networks / microbial evolution

Subject area(s): Cellular Metabolism | Genomic & Computational Biology | Proteins & Biochemistry | Evolution & Ecology