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EMBO Member

Zoi Lygerou

University, Patras | Greece

EMBO 2014 | CouC 15–19 | CouC 20–22 | EEsC 20–21 | Council 24–26

Control over DNA replication in eukaryotic cells

My group studies the control mechanisms which safeguard genomic stability by ensuring once-per-cell-cycle replication in eukaryotic cells, and how defects in this control may lead to tumorigenesis. We combine functional imaging in human cells, genetic studies in fission yeast and modelling to understand how chromatin-associated multi-protein complexes regulate DNA replication and repair in time and space.

Keywords: Cell cycle / DNA replication / genome stability / cell fate / chromatin / functional imaging / modeling / cancer

Subject area(s): Cell Cycle | Chromatin & Transcription | Genome Stability & Dynamics